The “Jump To It” Weekend Challenge


Published: March 10, 2016

Fifteen minutes is all you need to complete this great fat-burning, leg-toning, arm strengthening workout. You’ll need a skipping rope and a little bit of space but that’s it; it’s the ultimate excuse-free workout.


Simply do as many reps as you can of each exercise in 30-seconds. Keep rotating non-stop through the exercises for 15-minutes. You set the workload; if you need to slow down then do so but, if you want to push yourself, pick up the pace!

  • 30-seconds skipping
  • 30-seconds squats
  • 30- seconds skipping
  • 30-seconds press-ups
  • 30-seconds skipping
  • 30-seconds squats
  • 30-seconds skipping
  • 30-seconds press-ups
  • 30-seconds skipping etc. until 15-minutes have elapsed.

1. Skipping


Make sure your rope is the right length by standing on the middle and pulling the handles up to your arm-pits; they should just reach. If your rope is too long, tie knots in it to shorten it. If it’s too short, get a longer rope as if it’s too short it’ll keep clipping your feet.

Jump rope using a double-footed action or a heel-toe action as preferred. If you cannot skip, run on the spot or do jumping jacks instead.

2. Squats


With your feet shoulder-width apart, push your hips back and bend your knees. Descend until your thighs are roughly parallel to the floor. Stand back up and repeat. Try not to let your knees fall in or out or round your lower back.

3. Press-ups


Bend down and place your hands on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Walk your feet back so your body is straight. Without letting your hips sag or lowering your head, bend your arms and lower your chest to within an inch/3 centimetres of the floor. Push back up and repeat. If full press-ups are too much for you right now, bend your legs and rest your knees on the floor to do ¾ press-ups.

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