Should I Add Strength Training To My Workouts?


Published: April 2, 2014

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Q: Should I be Strength Training?

A: Absolutely. The most prominent concern women have about strength training is a myth. No. You will not bulk and yes, you absolutely need to be strength training. And by ‘you’, I mean everyone – women and men of all ages. Here are 4 reasons why:

Resistance training leans the body – contrary to what you may think, cardio training is not better than weight training for fat loss or toning. A Pennsylvania State University study showed 2 groups (one cardio and one weight training) lost the same amount of ‘weight’ but the weight training group lost body fat almost exclusively. While almost a third of what the cardio group list was muscle. Ouch!

Resistance training builds muscle – Don’t be tormented by the word ‘builds’. It doesn’t mean bulky manly muscles. Lean muscle tissue is dense and the more of it you have, the more fat you burn. Scientists claim that we use 9.5 – 15 calories per kilogram of muscle every single day. With more muscle, you will use up more energy and burn more fat even at rest.

Resistance training reverses aging – As we get older, we lose muscle and consequently strength. Our cells ‘age’ and we start to look and feel older. Cancel that botox appointment. The youth elixir is on the training floor. Research has shown that strength training reverses oxidative stress and changes gene expressions related to muscle aging. If you feel great, you will look great.

Resistance training reduces risk of injury – increased strength is increased joint stability and increased joint stability is reduced risk of injury. Strengthening the muscles of your back, hips, glutes, thighs and knees will not only make less susceptible to injuries during daily activities like climbing the stairs, running and even lift heavy items, but will improve your execution and performance of said activities.

Now it’s your turn! Get started with our ultimate Push Up Guide. Are strength exercises already part of your regular workout? Which is your favorite?

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