DAY 19

“High-tech tomatoes. Mysterious milk. Supersquash. Are we supposed to eat this stuff? Or is it going to eat us?” ― Annita Manning


Okay, yesterday’s burpees was no joke. But you rose to the occasion with the body strength you’ve been building the last 18 days! It might have been hard but didn’t you feel proud of yourself? Is this starting to feel like a lifestyle you can get behind? We hope so!

Grab your lemon/lime water and let’s get started with today’s challenge! 

Day 19 Wellness Action: Skip The Chemicals

A broad definition of processed foods are those that aren’t naturally occurring in nature. There are some foods that do need to be processed but are good for you like yogurt and whole wheat bread, and such foods are exempt from your chemical detox.

Processed foods are usually bereft of the nutrients that your body needs because they have been processed to make them more appealing to your palate. Think of the processing that occurs to make white flour out of whole wheat flour; this removes the valuable fiber and vitamins and minerals and while the vitamins and minerals can be added back, the fiber can’t.

When you fill your diet with processed foods, you don’t leave enough room for the foods that can help you live your most Radiant and healthy life. Your challenge is to avoid eating any processed food today.

For your challenge, focus on the following guidelines:

  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks
  • If you can’t eat whole grain foods, focus on starchy vegetables
  • Cook with natural oils like vegetable, corn, canola, palm, or coconut oils. If cholesterol is an issue for you skip palm and coconut oils except for special occasions
  • If you must go for packaged foods, focus on eating packaged foods with no more than five ingredients.


Today’s Radiant Read:


Day 19 Workout: Top to Toe Circuit

Working every muscle in your body, today’s timed circuit gets a lot done in very little time. As each exercise is different to the one before, your muscles will get a rest but your heart rate will stay high as you storm through these exercises.

Do as many laps of the following exercises as you can in ten minutes. 


Click here for full written exercise instructions. Once you have warmed up, follow the exercise demonstration in the video below to get started on today’s fitness challenge.


Have we told you lately just how proud we are of you? Very! Have a fabulous day and don’t forget to stop by our Facebook group

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