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  • 5 Reasons To Include Eggs In Your Diet

    [fl]M[/fl]ention the word “egg” to a group of people and you are bound to hear the word “cholesterol” referenced several times. A few decades ago, eggs were shunned by the health community for their high cholesterol content and possible effects on heart health. Many shied away from them and ...

  • Do You Need To Take Vitamin D Supplement (Even When You Live In A Tropical Climate)?

    These days, most people have heard of vitamin D either from family or friends or in the media. It appears to be one of the most widely discussed vitamins currently. This is understandable as it is associated with so many bodily functions and linked to the prevention of many illnesses. We all have so...

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  • Vitamin D: Why It Matters

    The human body is miraculously engineered—to cool off, it sweats; when it’s cold, you feel chills; and its built-in mechanisms indicate when something is wrong, like headaches, swelling and pain. However, there are some things that the body needs that it does not maintain itself, like food, wate...

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