5 Reasons Your Workout Is Not Working


Published: July 7, 2015


We all know how amazing working out is for your health. However what happens when the workouts that you are performing are not delivering the results that you want? Well this is very common as some workout programs are a lot better than others and numerous important factors also come into the equation when training hard. Everyone is different and the reality is that people need individualized training programs for them to be effective and to get the results that they desire. However, maybe your workout is not getting the end results because of the five following reasons.

You are expecting too much too soon

If you have just started working out with the hope of looking like a fitness model within a short space of time then you are setting yourself up to fail. Realistically you are not going to see the results immediately and getting the physique that you want does take time and a huge amount of dedication. Granted that you will start to feel better and healthier after a few days but getting those chiselled abs and sexy glutes does take more time to achieve.

Setting unrealistic goals is a major part of expecting too much too soon and this poor planning can lead to continuous disappointment. This will make everything a lot harder for you. A good strategy is to set realistic goals that are achievable and to celebrate your achievements along the way. This should keep you motivated and on track with your physique goals.

On the flip side don’t expect miracles and don’t be upset with yourself if you don’t see the results after a short period of time. Try not to feel disillusioned and disheartened by the whole process because once you start to see the fruits of your labour, you will feel on top of the world. A key point to consider is that you need to keep going and your efforts will soon start to pay dividends.

You keep doing the same workouts

When you started performing your work outs it may have produced some results. However over time your results have slowed down considerably, the training has become too easy and your motivation is starting to dip. If you are at this point then it is time to mix up your training routine and to get your physique goals back on track.

When perform the same routine over and over again the body adapts to it very quickly and at the beginning you will start to see the results but this soon tapers off. Therefore by confusing the body and mixing up your routine will stop the body from adapting to your work outs. This will produce a consistent flow of results in terms of your performance and physique goals. By keeping the work outs fresh will ensure that the body can’t adapt to what it does not know is coming!

You are eating a poor diet

A dream physique is made in the kitchen and a poor diet is a major barrier to you achieving your training goals. Working out regularly will only produce the results if it is accompanied by a clean nutrition plan. It is not a good strategy to spend hours sweating in the gym and then to go home and eat lots of high calorie junk foods. Eating more calories than you have burnt at the gym is a sure way of gaining fat and not losing it.

The old saying of “I have worked out hard so I deserve it’ is a sure road to failure in terms of you getting the results that you want. This is to blame for many people’s inability to see the results from their workouts. For example, if you are working very hard at the gym and then coming home and eating a big slice of cake as a reward, then you are undoing all of your hard work. If you don’t clean up your nutrition plan and eating habit then you will never see the results from all that hardwork at the gym.

Not consistent with schedule

A busy schedule can get in the way of training because finding the time can sometimes be difficult. However, if you are continuously taking time out of your workout schedule, then it will undoubtedly take more time to see the results. It is not as simple as trying to make up time from previous weeks or training sessions that have been missed, as doing the extra training sessions will not really work. You need to be consistent with your training and build time into your schedule to see the results and playing catch up should not be on your agenda.

You are focusing on how you look

If you spend too much time in the mirror worrying about how you look when exercising then you are not training hard enough. You need to put 110% effort into every work out and if you still look good at the end of the work out, then frankly you have not worked hard enough. Whilst exercising you will sweat, pull some funny faces and make some weird sounding noises. Therefore it is virtually impossible to look good during a workout and the only person who is bothered what you look like- is you! So stop worrying about what you look like and what other people think; just go for it and you will start to results a lot quicker.

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