Weekend Challenge: Split Squat


Published: August 28, 2014


Want to firm your backside? Split squats are your solution.

If you want a total lower body move that will not only add shape to your bum but also define your core, split squats are it.

Stand in front of a bench, couch, or chair and place one foot up behind you. Maintaining an upright position over your supportive leg, bend at the knee as you lower yourself down towards the floor. Once the back knee is almost touching, pausing and then press back up to complete the rep.

Once all reps are finished, switch sides and repeat. Perform 2 sets of 15 reps for each leg.

28 Aug split-squat (poster)

Tip: To really hit the glutes, think of pressing up through the heels rather than the toes.

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Illustrations by Odunze Oguguo (WhytManga)

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