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Published: September 17, 2014

Healthy Eating

Give yourself the best chance of winning the egg and sperm race, by filling up on fertility-promoting nutrients.

Here are some of the foods that are particularly rich in baby-making magic…

Bananas – These fruits are concentrated sources of vitamin B6, which is vital for healthy development of the egg and sperm. B6 also works to tame the dance of the hormones and promote regular menstruation. Eat your bananas when the skin is still a little green – these slightly under-ripe fruits contain levels of prebiotic which nourish the friendly bacteria in your gut.

Latest studies show that the presence or absence of specific strains of beneficial bacteria in the female digestive and reproductive tracts have a far greater influence on fertility than has previously been realized.

Full Fat Live Yoghurt – Full-fat dairy products contain many essential fat-soluble nutrients, such as vitamin D which is vital for healthy fertility. Low-fat dairy products have these fertility-boosters stripped out, which is why frequent consumption of low-fat dairy produce is shown to decrease fertility rates. Live yoghurt has the added bonus of containing beneficial bacteria known to promote digestive and reproductive function.

Eggs – Often referred to as the ‘perfect food’ due to their ideal ratio of amino acids to match our human needs, eggs also contain oodles of fertility-enhancing properties. Most notable is their vitamin D, B12 and vitamin E content which work in synergy to help create a new life. Do not discard of the yolk – this is where most of the fertility-boosting nutrients are concentrated. Try our delicious egg plantain frittatas recipe.

Green Leaves – These are stacked with folic acid, iron and manganese which in particular are shown to promote female fertility. Aim for a heaped handful of greens in as many meals as you can. It is important to build up your reservoir of folic acid even before you conceive. This nutrient helps to safeguard against neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, as well as generally serving to promote healthy fetal development.

In one wide-scale study involving more than 18,000 women, it was found that while taking in sufficient levels of folic acid, there was a 40% lower risk of experiencing problems producing eggs. It is unclear exactly how folic acid serves to secure successful conception, but many specialists credit its embryo protective properties. Taking a multi-nutrient supplement with folic acid designed for pregnancy is recommended for those trying to conceive, to support a healthy nutrient-rich diet. Try the Rainbow Light Prenatal multivitamin.

Salmon & Oily Fish – These foods contain a generous splash of omega 3 which is vital for regulating reproductive hormones and promoting blood flow to reproductive areas of your anatomy. If you don’t eat fish, then supplement with a reliably sourced brand such as Nordic Natural Ultimate Omega.

Olives & Almonds – These savory pods and nuts are crammed with vitamin E which is required to make the healthy pool of fluid in the follicle which houses your eggs. Olives and almonds are also a rich source of monounsaturated fat – yes the really good kind which helps to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation – which are both essentials for healthy baby-making machines.

Water – Whilst this isn’t technically a food, water needs to get a mention here, as it is a vital piece of the baby-making puzzle. Staying well-hydrated means that your hormones get transported more efficiently around the reproductive nooks of your inner world. Water is also important for the production of cervical mucus which provides a platform for the sperm and egg to collide – and that is where it all begins..!

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