Nigerian Women Athletes Taking World By Storm


Published: December 2, 2016

RH Weekly News Roundup –2 December 2016

Love Your Locks – the Natural Hair Movement

Lagos just hosted its third Natural Hair and Beauty show. Its purpose? To remind African women that they’re beautiful just the way they are! No need for relaxers here! With presentations by African women based around the globe and product demonstrations, those who attended were treated to a day of information and beauty.

More important than the meeting is the message. Many women believe the natural state of their hair will be too difficult to care for, and they certainly don’t appreciate the disdainful looks of those that haven’t latched onto the natural hair movement. Unbelievably, it’s taking longer in Africa to adjust, but we’re getting there a little bit at a time. Want more information and tips? Why not check out Igbocurls – we think you’ll love their work.


Don’t Pick a Diet Because It’s Popular

Think about kale for a moment – just about every healthy eating blog talks about how good this leafy green is for your body. And, it is… for most people. But if you’re genetically predisposed to the formation of kidney stones, it could be very, very bad for you. While some may have wheat allergies or celiac disease, gluten is beneficial to most people.

Why are some foods good for some people and bad for others? Your body is a complex organism – and, in fact, it’s not just one organism – you have plenty of non-human microbes living in your digestive tract. Don’t worry; they’re supposed to be there as they help you digest your food and expel it from the body.

New technology is under development to test what an individual needs to eat, but isn’t totally affordable. In the meantime, you should consider foods that make you feel good and offer health benefits. Try to include all the food groups unless you experience problems with one or have a medical condition that prevents you from doing so.


Nigerian Women Athletes Taking World by Storm 

The Nigerian women’s soccer team is about to compete in the final for the African Women’s Cup of Nation’s. Having beaten Kenya and South Africa in the last few games, our Nigerian athletes will face off against Cameroon to keep the title of top team on the continent. In 2014, the same two countries battled for the top title. We’ll need to see what our sisters can do this Saturday 3 December.

While you might expect a winning women’s soccer team, you may not expect Nigerian bobsled team to compete at the 2018 Winter Olympics. But, three incredible women have formed a team and are raising funds to compete on behalf of the country. The passion on the team’s GoFundMe page is obvious. If you’re ready to get behind these ambitious women, why not take a moment to donate to their fundraising campaign.


Getting a Gorgeous Smile

According to Isaac Adewole, the Minister for Health, only 20 percent of Nigerians have access to oral health care. It’s a terrifying number given the importance our mouths play in overall wellbeing and the ability to nourish our bodies. Of course, it doesn’t help that it’s difficult to obtain any health care services in many parts of the country. But, there are steps you can take to improve and maintain your oral health.

In addition to brushing your teeth twice a day, be sure to floss daily too. Aim for two to three times a day, but especially when you feel the need to pry food from between your teeth. While you can invest in an oral rinse, it’s not right for everyone as the alcohol content can dry your mouth. Ensure you’re eating calcium-rich food including dairy products, leafy greens, and legumes. Above all, make a point to have your teeth checked once a year, more often if you experience pain or open sores.


Nigerian Medical Students Wins 19 Awards 

In October, a young Nigerian woman had awards heaped upon her at her graduation ceremony. The new Dr. Yusuf Ololade Faidat received 19 honours from various medical departments at the University of Ilorin, including best graduating student in her department (medicine).

Only in her early 20s, Dr. Faidat received many cash prizes as part her recognition packages. As Nigeria struggles to train and retain top medical talent, this young woman is a beacon to the community and a symbol of female achievement in the country. She’s credited as saying, “As a woman, you can become whatever you want to be once you are persistent, irrespective of [the] number of men around you.” Well done Dr. Faidat! 


FG Hikes Tobacco Tax  

Nearly four million Nigerians are addicted to cigarette smoking says the Nigerian Coordinator for Tobacco Research. While that may not seem like a huge number given the country’s population, it’s still too many. Tightening legislation in developed countries means cigarette producers are targeting African countries. According to the American Cancer Society, the number of smokers on the continent will rise from 77 million to 572 million by 2100.

The Minister for Health, Isaac Adewole, has declared that the FG will raise taxes on these products to make cigarettes very expensive. It’s a move to contain smoking by making it unaffordable in an effort to avoid new addictions. The dangers of smoking are well documented. Isn’t it perhaps time for you to breathe new life into your lungs?

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