The Do’s and Don’ts Of A Sexy Pout


Published: March 31, 2014

Sexy pouts have been in existence from before our mothers were born with red being the prima donna colour of them all.

Over the years, the art of lipstick (because it is an art) has been revised along the way and some changes have been made. But some of the ‘rules’ still stand true – be sure not to break them!

Do line your lips. We’ll never get tired of reminding you to line your lips before lipstick application. This is a make or mar step and is the defining moment of lipstick application.  Liner should be applied all over the lips to ensure long lasting lip colour and prevent bleeding. This step can also give lips the appearance of looking fuller.

You may also use the liner to define the lips by applying just at the perimeter of upper and lower lips, blend with a lip brush to blur out lines and finish by applying the corresponding lip colour also blending the edges properly.

Do match your undertone. Is your undertone warm, cool or neutral? This should be considered before selecting a lip shade.

Don’t change your lip shape. Leave it to the professionals to draw new lip shapes and just stick with defining your natural lip shape. Fake a voluptuous pout by applying a silver, shimmer gloss to the middle of your lips after applying your lipstick.

Do avoid weird. Blue, black, yellow, green  on your lips are just for the magazine pages and aren’t meant to be worn for grocery store runs. We don’t want you scaring away people on the street.

Don’t forget to smack. Once in a while we do get a tad bit impatient with our lipstick application. We admit that this happens to everyone as defining the lip shape can be wearying. The fastest way to ensure lipstick blends expertly is by smacking the lips together. Do make sure that you don’t do this with super matte lip colours as smacking may cause more harm than good in such cases.

Don’t forget moisture. The first step to gorgeous lipstick is gorgeous lips. Well moisturized, supple lips equals gorgeous lips and this in turn equals easy lipstick application.

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