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  • Scar Issues – How To Erase All Trace of Your Pimples

    As if pimples aren’t bothersome enough when they erupt in full volcanic bloom, if you’re not careful they will leave a parting gift in the form of an unsightly scar to remind you of the confidence-zapping time you shared together. Not fun, and definitely not cute.Blemishes come and go, but r...

  • 5 Beauty Resolutions To Try For A Healthier, Beautiful You

    New Year Resolution overload. Literally EVERYONE is making resolutions.I won’t even ask if these resolutions are new ones or old ones. I am just going to tag along and add beauty resolutions to your list. There's more to beauty than what you put on your skin. Follow one or all of these beauty ...

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  • How To Keep Your Skin Soft And Moisturized In The Harmattan Season

    Don’t allow the harsh, hot, dusty winds to sweep the radiance from your delicate complexion this Harmattan season. Keep your skin in tip-top shape – supple and glowing – through the all-natural magic of moisture.The best way to armor up your skin’s natural defenses is to pay careful atte...

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