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  • How to Set Attainable Health and Fitness Goals

    A goal is like a beacon, it is a destination to which all your actions are geared. [fl]W[/fl]hether you have ever written it down or not, you have a vision for what you want your life to be like. Today’s goal is to guide you to put down the vision you have for your health on paper, so that you ca...

  • New Year resolutions

    How to Make 2015 Your Re(New)al Year

    [fl]“[/fl]I’m going to lose weight and get fit this year.” “I am going to get a better job and become more financially responsible.” “I am going to go back to school.” New Year’s Resolutions. Almost everyone makes them – yet by the end of the month, many of them are abando...

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  • 5 Fitness Apps To Help You Reach Your Health Goals

    Do you notoriously fall off your workout and diet plan? Do you always start out so motivated and within 10 days, have lost all motivation to continue? Do you feel like you need something to kick you into high gear? While you might be quick to go purchase a session with a personal trainer – an...

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