5 Fitness Apps To Help You Reach Your Health Goals


Published: March 27, 2014

Do you notoriously fall off your workout and diet plan? Do you always start out so motivated and within 10 days, have lost all motivation to continue? Do you feel like you need something to kick you into high gear?

While you might be quick to go purchase a session with a personal trainer – and that’s one way to go about doing this, you might just want to get busy with your phone or computer. With literally thousands of fitness apps now available to help inspire you, motivate you, keep track of your progress, connect you with your social networks so you can keep yourself accountable and provide proven workouts that get real results, you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

The more you use apps like these, the more involved you’ll feel in the entire process of getting into shape and the more committed you’ll be to your workout and diet plan.

Not sure where to start? We’ve narrowed down the top 5 apps to get going to help you get to the next level.


Platform: Available for Android, Iphone, BlackBerry, Windows
Cost: Free
How This App Will Help:


MyFitnessPal is a great way to not only keep track of all the foods you eat throughout the day along with your bodyweight progress, but in addition to that, it’ll also help you connect with a whole community of users just like yourself striving to improve their health. Interact with the forum to get advice, keep yourself accountable, or just discuss your new lifestyle.

Nike Plus

Platform: Android or iPod, iPhone, iPad
Cost: Free
How This App Will Help:

If you’re an avid runner, this app is great for tracking your runs all in one place so you can constantly check in and see how you’re improving. Compare your distance from today to a month ago and instantly get a motivational boost you need.


Platform: Android, iPhone
Cost: Free
How This App Will Help:

If you want a master app to track your workouts, this would be the one to use. It’ll allow you to not only organize and re-arrange your workouts however you see fit, but you can also follow others and share your own personal fitness journey for added motivational help. Taking advantage of the social element of this app will definitely make it more enjoyable to use.You can also unlock achievements and challenge yourself in a quest for an added motivational boost when you need it.

Couch To 5K

Platform: iPhone
Cost: $1.99
How This App Will Help:

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced runner looking to get into your training, this app is here to help. You’ll get a choice of four different motivational coaches to help you out along your way and can get real workout programs designed by Active.com trainers. You can use it to listen to your favorite music as you run or log your workouts and calculate your pace and distance. Check out the graphs of your workouts to really see how far you’ve progressed in a hurry.

Sleep Bot 

Platform: Android and iPhone
Cost: Free
How This App Will Help:

Wondering how you’re sleeping at night? Now, this app can tell you the story. It’ll help to track your movements so you can see how deeply you’re sleeping and how frequently you’re awakening in the evening. In addition to that, you can also set an automatic alarm to wake you up and a reminder to get to bed when it’s time. With the ever-growing body of research illustrating just how important sleep is for your health, you don’t want to take it lightly. This help will help ensure you don’t. So there you have some of the best and most helpful apps for you to think about using. Are you currently using any of these? Do any of these hold extra appeal to you? Remember, the more prepared and planned out you can be with your workout and diet plan, the greater the chances are that you will go on to see the success that you’re looking for.

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