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  • How to Burn Fat Fast In 20 Minutes or Less

    Looking to crank up your rate of fat burning? If so, you need to be paying attention to a form of training called high intensity interval training (HIIT). Of all the various ways that you could exercise out there, this is the form of training that will yield not only the best fitness improvements,...

  • Are Your Vigorous Workouts Stalling Your Progress?

    [fl]H[/fl]IIT and vigorous workout regimes like it have been all the rage lately and for good reason. They are an amazing way to get a fantastic workout in a short amount of time. Also, when these types of workouts are done right, they can challenge your body in ways that you didn’t think possible...

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    HIIT A Leaner Body In Just 15 minutes A Day!

    No time for hour-long sweat sessions? No gym membership? Stuck on work travel? Not a problem at all.Training with body weight cuts out travel time to the gym, the need for equipment and is more accessible. You will also increase lean muscle mass, and sculpt a lean body. In 15 minutes? What’s ...

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