HIIT A Leaner Body In Just 15 minutes A Day!


Published: April 30, 2014


No time for hour-long sweat sessions? No gym membership? Stuck on work travel? Not a problem at all.

Training with body weight cuts out travel time to the gym, the need for equipment and is more accessible. You will also increase lean muscle mass, and sculpt a lean body. In 15 minutes? What’s not to love? Proven to be more effective at fat burning than cardio alone, high-intensity interval training or HIIT has huge cardiovascular and metabolic benefits. It also improves quality of sleep, insulin resistance, and stress levels (all which contribute to a svelte and healthy body).

The workout – 5 heart-pumping, fat incinerating, strengthening and body-shaping exercises for 40 seconds each; rest for 40 seconds and do it again.3 times and you are done. This 15-minute routine will leave you invigorated and enjoying your slinky silhouette in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Put some music on, training gear and shoes and let’s get started.

Jump Burpees


a. Start with your feet hips-shoulder width apart, squat down and press your palms into the floor.

b. Tighten your trunk muscles, leave your hands where they are and jump back into push-ups position – elbows bent

c. Maintaining the tightness in your trunk, push downwards to straighten your arms

d. Jump forward – feet slightly behind or in between hands

e. Reach up and jump – body straight, arms over head.

High Knee Run


a. Run on the spot, lifting knees above belly button

b. Pump the arms – opposite arm (of the lifted knee) forward

Push Up with Alternating Oblique Crunch


a. Start in plank position and tighten the trunk muscles

b. As you bend your elbows to lower your body, lift one foot off the floor, point the knee outwards and bend it. Then bring it towards the elbow.

c. Press your palms into the floor and return to plank position

d. Repeat on the opposite side

Jump Squats


a. Start with your feet wide

b. With a lifted chest, reach your fingers towards the floor as you push your hips back and down until fingertips touch

c. Propel yourself up – arms wide and over your head, feet wide

Alternating Cross Lunges


a. Stand with feet hip distance apart (one heavy dumbbell in each hand, if you have them.)

b. Cross your right leg behind you and step far back as you bend the knees and come into a lunge

c. Push the left heel down and come back to the starting position

d. Repeat on left side

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Orjiugo Oguguo is an engineer with a passion for fitness. She is an ACE certified health coach and also has fitness certifications in Schwinn, Les Mills Body Combat, Body Pump, and CXWorx. Follow her on Twitter @The_Orjiugo and Instagram #The_Orjiugo.

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