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    Planning Vegetarian Meals That Meet Your Nutritional Needs

    [fl]T[/fl]he general belief that vegetarian diets do not meet the needs of most people is one of the greatest nutrition misconceptions there is.In addition to being low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol and yet high in fibre, vitamins, minerals and disease-busting antioxidants, carefull...

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    What Kind Of Vegetarian Are You?

    Have you ever considered becoming a vegetarian? Yes, giving up all meat and choosing nuts, seeds and legumes instead. As preposterous as it may seem to the average meat-loving African, there is a growing number of people, both in Africa and beyond, that are giving up meat to pursue the vegetarian li...

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  • Can You Convince an African to Give Up Meat For One Day?

    [fl]T[/fl] o tell an African to give up meat is like telling a baker to stop making bread. Africans love their meat! From goat to chicken and beef to pork, animal protein is a common feature on many African plates.However, despite our immense love for meat, there is a large body of eviden...

  • Transition to Vegetarianism

    7 Tips For Making A Successful Transition To Vegetarianism

    You have decided to become a vegetarian. Perhaps a fully pledged Vegan that avoids all animal flesh and products. Or maybe you would rather be a Flexitarian, because the thought of giving up chicken literally has your stomach growling.Regardless of the vegetarian classification that you choose...

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    Nigerian And Vegan: Esosa’s Tips To Thriving on A Plant-Based Diet

    My journey to veganism was neither dramatic nor profound. One day in my early teens, I just stopped eating meat. Even before then, we had discovered that I was lactose intolerant because milk frequently made me sick. So, dairy was already out of my diet except for the occasional ice cream cone with ...

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