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Published: January 24, 2017


You might be happy. Perhaps you’re just acting. Or, you might think you’re contented. You might even be forcing yourself to be cheerful. It could just be a fear of admitting that you’re not happy, settled, or fine.

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It’s okay to be unhappy from time to time. Yes, even as an African woman. And, there is a difference between unhappiness and mental illness.

In the ninth issue of Radiant Health Magazine, we delve into human emotions and mental well-being. The PSYCHE explores mental health – and illness – with an eye to the impact on African women.


More than just the stresses of a busy working day, African women face incredible (sometimes, seemingly insurmountable) challenges that confront the untouchable, unexplainable emotions we all keep tucked inside. We explore mental health through the voices of brave African women unafraid to share their stories.

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We take you on a journey into the physical pain manifested as emotional anguish after delivering babies under extreme conditions. (Don’t worry, there is a positive reflection to glean from even the most challenging moments.)

And you’ll also have a chance to see what motivates our cover model, Asiyami Gold Wekulom; how she’s managed to balance her role as a “good African child” and passions that her parents didn’t understand.

Our feature stories will help you realise that mental illness isn’t a far-flung idea. It can happen to anyone. Africans, whether you want to believe it or not, can suffer from depression and despair. You can try to expel it from your culture, but you can’t push it from your mind. Every human experiences these feelings and emotions, and ignoring them won’t make it any better.

However, exercise, proper sleep, and a healthy diet can prevent or reverse mental illness. Readers will certainly find the inspiration they need to celebrate with a smile, gift with purpose, and ring in the New Year with unparalleled positivity.

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It’s our first print issue and you’ll want to devour every page, every story, every detail. There’s nothing like physically flipping through pages that make you feel warm, good, even happy.


Behind the Scenes with Asiyami Gold

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