Another 82 Chibok Girls Released


Published: May 11, 2017

RH Weekly News Roundup – 12 May 2017

Another 82 Chibok Girls Released

On Sunday, 82 of the Chibok girls taken three years ago arrived in Abuja and had some face time with President Buhari. According to some reports, the release of 83 women had been negotiated, but one refused to leave. The claim that she’s happy with her husband illustrates just how complicated this situation truly is.

The families of the returned women are being notified, though Human Rights Watch has expressed dismay that the government has released names and images. And, the number of Boko Haram suspects traded for the 82 Chibok girls has not yet been confirmed. Still, the world can rejoice while the government continues to work for the release of the remaining 113 women.


Boost Your Sex Drive Almost Instantly

Exercise does a lot more than you might think for your body. Besides the way you look and your general well-being, it also increases a woman’s sex drive. According to research, it may even counteract the libido depression caused by anti-depressants. Don’t worry; you’ll feel the benefits even if you’re not on this type of medication.

Subjects participating in the study engaged in short, high-intensity workouts – that means you don’t need to spend an hour at the gym or run cross-country to experience results. Twenty minutes is all it takes, and surely you want to save a little energy for your “evening workout”.


The WHO Warns of Another Ebola Outbreak

Don’t panic yet, but the World Health Organisation has warned that another Ebola outbreak is inevitable. It’s not on the horizon yet, but there’s a reason for the release of this news: Africa needs to be ready. Sadly, the recent Lassa Fever and Meningitis outbreaks in Nigeria demonstrate a lack of preparedness.

On the plus side, there is more funding and research already filtering into the continent to handle Ebola – or similar diseases.  But, it’s important to ensure that accurate information and medical supplies can be distributed quickly. Whenever you receive an alert, be sure to inform yourself and share information with friends and family.


The New Face of Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Is a Man

On the International Day of the Midwife, Health Minister Isaac Adewole announced a plan to improve the state of midwifery in Nigeria. Apparently, it all begins with a review of the Midwives Service Scheme (MSS) which was rolled out in 2009. Hopefully, efficient modifications will be made to ensure healthier pregnancies and deliveries across the country.

Interestingly, the White Ribbon Alliance Nigeria (WRAN) also chose this day to announce that the Nollywood actor and producer, Jim Iyke, is the new Special Envoy and Goodwill Ambassador for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. Why? They’ve engaged women in the past, and now it’s time to bring a man on board. Ouch.


Baby Aspirin Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer

New research suggests that women who consume 81mg of aspirin three times a week may lower their risk of developing breast cancer by 16 percent. Of course, it’s important to note that the study focused on low doses of aspirin; women who consume regular aspirin doses may reduce their risk by 20 percent.

But, you shouldn’t focus on this as a solution to breast cancer concerns. It’s only one possibility – and you shouldn’t begin consuming aspirin regularly without consulting a doctor. You can, however, choose to eat more fibrous fruits and vegetables and reduce the number of alcoholic drinks you enjoy in a week. Don’t forget regular exercise also reduces your chances of developing any number of diseases – and keeps your curves in the right places.


President Buhari Departs Again

Shortly after chatting with the recently released Chibok girls, President Buhari boarded a plane departing to London. He officially transferred power to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and left a positive message on Twitter before flying off for more medical treatments.

After his extended stay in the UK earlier this year, the country is becoming increasingly concerned. Of course, one of the primary questions is when the office of the president will focus efforts on increasing medical capacity in Nigeria to better care for its people – especially the President.

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