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  • Mental Health Struggles

    What Older Black Women Can Teach Us About Coping with Mental Health Struggles

    [fl]A[/fl]t the end of 2018, the Sistahs, Sexuality, and Mental Health Well-Being Project published some startling news: among one group of 45 older Black women in the U.S., many were found to engage in high-risk sexual behaviors because of self-esteem issues, loneliness, and depression. This rais...

  • Black podcasts on mental health

    5 Mental Health Podcasts for Black Women

    [fl]I[/fl]t’s no secret that podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular medium of entertainment. Apple alone now features more than 550,000 active podcasts with contents in more than 100 different languages. Podcasts featuring relatively unknown hosts as well as celebrities are launching every ...

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  • being-alone-is-good

    5 Reasons Being Alone Is Good

    Tis the season to fly solo! The holiday season is full of blessings and wonderful traditions; however, it can also be a very triggering time of year for us single ladies. Instead of dreading singledom this holiday season, why not embrace it? Most articles I've come across on embracing your sin...

  • Bassey Ikpi — Opening Space for Mental Health

    This is part of our 2016 Radiant Health Women of Action series. The Radiant Health Women of Action is our annual highlight of inspiring African women taking action and doing remarkable work to improve the health and well-being of Africans. [fl]P[/fl]oetry was Bassey Ikpi’s first refuge; at ei...

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