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  • Trump’s Win Might Send Women’s Health Into The Last Century

    RH Weekly News Roundup –11 November 2016Trump’s Win Might Send Women’s Health into the Last Century[fl]T[/fl]he world was stunned when American voters turned out for Donald Trump in state after state during the election. As it was announced that the republicans had won the election, ma...

  • Zika Edges Closer To Nigerian Borders

    RH Weekly News Roundup – 9 September 2016Another Polio Case Confirmed![fl]O[/fl]h no! As the military continues to release areas of Nigeria from the grips of Boko Haram, more information about the state of health in northern Nigeria is revealed. Most of the news is horrifying, including th...

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  • Four Nigerian Cities Are World’s Most Dangerous Cities For Air Pollution And More Stories

    Having a Bad Air Day?[fl] U[/fl]h oh! The World Health Organization (WHO) lists four Nigerian cities within their ranking of the 20 worst cities for air pollution. Onitsha in Anambra State rates as the world’s most dangerous city for air pollution, with Kaduna (8th), Aba (9th), and Umuahia (19...

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