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  • Crazy for Coconuts: Health Benefits & 5 Delicious Coconut-Based Recipes

    Coconut rice, roasted corn and coconut, coconut and wet cassava chips, coconut water, you name it, Nigerians know to enjoy coconut. Turns out, they offer superb health benefits too!Coconut has long since been known to be a concentrated source of saturated fat, the type of fat thought to contribu...

  • 5 Hydrating Beverages (Besides Water) With Amazing Health Benefits

    Take your weight in kilograms (kg) and multiply it by 25; that is the minimum amount of fluid in millilitres (mL) you should aim to drink in a day.Proper hydration is essential for good health as fluids control body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, metabolism and help the kidneys effec...

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