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  • Medical Negligence In Nigeria [Part 3]: In Search Of Solutions

    This is the last in our three-part series on medical negligence in Nigeria. Part one, “When Hospitals Kill,” explores the reasons for the prevalence of medical negligence. Part two, “The Slow Road to Justice,” focuses on the challenges of reporting and prosecuting medical negligence. Now in ...

  • Medical Negligence in Nigeria [Part 2]: The Slow Road to Justice

    Many people die in Nigerian hospitals as a result of medical negligence, yet few cases of medical negligence are ever reported, and even fewer prosecuted. Long trial periods, corruption and a general mistrust of the judicial system are a few of the reasons many Nigerians think twice before filing a ...

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  • Medical Negligence In Nigeria: When Hospitals Kill

    Welcome to part one of Radiant Health’s special three-part series on medical negligence in Nigeria. This week’s article, “When Hospitals Kill,” focuses on the underlying causes – and tragic consequences – of medical negligence.[fl]O[/fl]n October 9, 2012, Lanre Amoo-Onidundu was shot...

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