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  • My Pregnancy Journey: The Painful Realities of My Miscarriage Experience

    Even as I round out the second trimester of my pregnancy, I still mourn the loss of the life that could have been just last year. Living through a miscarriage is an unspeakable horror, which is probably why most women who have dealt with miscarriage are not quick to recount their own stories.I...

  • Recognizing the Exquisite Gift of New Life

    Today is my birthday. While I am thankful to see this day, I’m more overjoyed with the fact it marks the 23rd week of my pregnancy. When a good friend of mine called and asked what kind of gift I wanted, I told her that no other gift is necessary. Feeling my baby’s movements inside me, though ad...

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  • From 2 Miscarriages to Positivity: Over 35 And Pregnant

    The day was a Thursday. My husband was out of town and I was ironing his dress shirts while watching a rerun of Game of Thrones. It was the episode where the evil Prince Joffrey had been poisoned and lay dying in his mother’s arms. The first time I saw the episode, I’d felt Joffrey had gotten hi...

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