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  • Mute R. Kelly, Unmute the Conversation: Honoring the Voices of Survivors

    [fl]W[/fl]alk with me up the steps and into one of the largest buildings you have ever seen. Notice all of the different books that canvas the walls. The walls are high and hundreds of feet in length, almost endless. This place is a library. Not just any library, a very special library. Please kee...

  • Sexual Assault

    Will We Ever Move Past the Normalisation of Sexual Assault

    RH Weekly News Roundup - 5 October 2018Will We Ever Move Past the Normalisation of Sexual Assault?There’s a chart about sexual assault making the rounds on social media at the moment. It’s taken from an exercise Jackson Katz uses in classes promoting gender equality and it reveals some...

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  • heal-through-exercise

    Sexual Assault Victims Heal Through Exercise

    RH Weekly News Roundup – 17 November 2017Sexual Assault Victims Heal Through Exercise[fl]N[/fl]o one knows just how many women in Nigeria or the world have experienced rape or attempted rape. Blurry lines of what constitutes abuse are one reason. For example, many don’t consider it rape ...

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