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  • Better Sex Life

    Halle Berry’s Top Tip for a Better Sex Life

    RH Weekly News Roundup - 28 September 2018 [fl]H[/fl]alle Berry’s Top Tip for a Better Sex Life Halle Berry is hot (especially considering that she’s already 52) - and you may not think she needs any help in the bedroom. But, just because you look good on the outside, it doesn’t mean you...

  • Improve Libido

    3 Exercises To Improve Your Libido

    [fl]Y[/fl] ears ago, one of my good friends said to me, "there is nothing complicated about men, just give them good food and sex." We laughed, I accused her of reverse sexism, but somewhere in my subconscious, I've held on to that advice because I have always believed that sex, and I mean good s...

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