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  • The Practice of Being Present: How to Live More Mindfully

    [fl]I[/fl] t’s not hard to live mindfully, it’s hard to break mindless habits. As a holistic psychotherapist and hatha yoga teacher, I confront pervasive maladaptive patterns in my clients almost daily. They remind me that becoming aware of our “autopilot” and learning to fully bring ou...

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    Cancer survivor VeRitta Smith on self-care, and finding purpose in the midst of the storm

    [fl]A[/fl]lthough the news didn’t make waves, in 2018 Black women were classified as a high-risk group for breast cancer for the first time ever. Despite our incidences of the disease being about the same as white women, Black women are nearly twice as likely to die from breast cancer, and more ...

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    Strength Training: Can You Build Lean, Sleek Muscles with Yoga?

    This article first appeared in Radiant Health Magazine Issue No.07.Her Slant/His Angle: Combining Yoga with Strength Training[fl]A[/fl]ll over the world, more and more people are incorporating the practice of yoga into their fitness regimen, and Africans are here for it. While yoga’s heal...

  • Yoga Can Change Your Life

    3 Ways Yoga Can Change Your Life

    Yoga is popularly known as a relaxing form of exercise that can help improve muscle tone and flexibility.The word "Yoga" means to yoke, and the practice of yoga is the practice of yoking the mind and the body. For the journey towards a healthy life, this connection is imperative. Why? Because ...

  • Hatha, Vinyasa, Hot Yoga: Making Sense of It All

    Are you are interested in yoga but confused about the different yoga styles and exactly what they entail? Do you want to be in the know so you're not totally clueless when you make it to the yoga studio? Join me on a tour of what I consider to be the core five yoga forms out there today. This tour w...

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