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  • holiday season

    8 Outfits to Help You Rock the Holiday Season in Style

    As the year winds down, we're getting ready for a season of celebrations. From Thanksgiving to the winter holidays, to New Years, and parties just-because — family, friends, and colleagues come together to toast to another amazing year. Here are 8 fresh holiday party ideas to have you being the ta...

  • Somi

    In Her Own Words: Somi on Diet, Fitness, Fashion and Hair

    Our feature on Somi won’t be complete without some insight on how she stays healthy, fit and fashionable especially with what we can only assume to be a hectic travel schedule. Here's what she had to say:RHM: Do you adhere to any special diet?Somi: Growing up, everything was whole grain...

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  • Why You Should Kick Off The High Heels During Pregnancy

    Some doctors will urge you not to wear heels while you are carrying your precious cargo because your body is changing rapidly while the baby is growing. While no current evidence or research is available to back the claim that wearing heels causes problems for the baby, what wearing heels during pre...

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