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  • natural hair journey

    Tips To Take On Your Natural Hair Journey

    Growing your natural hair is not something that will happen overnight; hair takes time to grow and requires proper care along the way. According to the International Journal of Dermatology, hair grows at a rate of six inches per year. So, once the old hair is cut off, it will take at least a year fo...

  • Big Chop

    New Hair, New You? Why Everyone Should Do The Big Chop

    It is often said that “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. Now, when I decided to big chop my hair, I had never heard of that quote. Right before my decision to big chop, it looked and felt I had three strands on my head. My hair was so thin that putting it into a ponytail wa...

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  • 3 Styles To Prepare Your Hair for the Rainy Season

    Break out the rain boots, umbrellas, coats and bonnets because the rainy season is upon us once again! Usually when the rain starts, you try to avoid it at all costs – even running as if your life depended on it in order to keep the rain from ruining your freshly styled hair. But the rain doesn’...

  • Somi

    In Her Own Words: Somi on Diet, Fitness, Fashion and Hair

    Our feature on Somi won’t be complete without some insight on how she stays healthy, fit and fashionable especially with what we can only assume to be a hectic travel schedule. Here's what she had to say:RHM: Do you adhere to any special diet?Somi: Growing up, everything was whole grain...

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