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  • Pre-conception Health Checks

    5 Most Important Pre-conception Health Checks

    The essence of preconception care is this: Treat your body as though you are already pregnant.Conception takes place about 2 weeks before a menstrual period, when you ovulate (release an egg from the ovaries). You may not know that you're pregnant until 3 weeks after conception, or later in the ...

  • A Week By Week Look At Your Pregnancy’s Second Trimester

    [fl]C[/fl]ongratulations! You've made it to your second trimester of pregnancy, about 14 to 27 weeks. You're probably feeling much better physically, and can even enjoy being pregnant. Your enlarging uterus and larger breasts make the pregnancy more "real" to you, unlike the vague, abstract notion...

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  • Morning Sickness

    It’s Decision Time Plus Morning Sickness In the Time of Ebola

    Welcome to part 4 of my journey through my first pregnancy. We began this series with my preparing for pregnancy in “Getting Ready for Baby,” followed by tips from my doctor in “The Start of the Shortest Ride.” Last week in “Period Three or a BFP?” I returned to Lagos and got the news ...

  • Baby Story

    A Baby Story: The Start Of The Shortest Ride

    Welcome back to one woman’s brand new journey on life’s oldest road: pregnancy! In my first post, “Getting Ready for Baby,” I talked about the various steps my husband and I needed to take before starting on the path to parenthood. In today’s article, I’ll share some great information I ...

  • Big Fat Positive

    Period Three Or A Big Fat Positive (BFP)?

    Welcome back to my journey through the uncharted territory of my first pregnancy! In last week’s post, “The Start of the Shortest Ride,” I shared some great information that I learned at my pre-conception doctor visit. In today’s post, I look at some eye-opening revelations I had during my t...

  • Getting Ready for Baby

    Getting Ready For Baby

    The process of having a baby is as old as time itself. Man meets woman, they have sex, and voilà – a baby is made. It sounds simple enough, but when my husband and I decided it was time to start a family after four years of marriage, it wasn’t quite as easy as that. Before we got down to the bu...

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