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  • Nigeria’s Bobsled Team is Headed for the Olympics

    RH Weekly News Roundup – 24 November 2017 That Bobsled Team Is Making Headlines [fl]L[/fl] ast year, Seun Adigun, a former track and field Olympian for Nigeria built a bobsled and joined forces with Ngozi Onwumere and Akuoma Omeoga to form Nigeria’s first female bobsled team. Looking to co...

  • Vegetarian

    What Kind Of Vegetarian Are You?

    Have you ever considered becoming a vegetarian? Yes, giving up all meat and choosing nuts, seeds and legumes instead. As preposterous as it may seem to the average meat-loving African, there is a growing number of people, both in Africa and beyond, that are giving up meat to pursue the vegetarian li...

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  • esosa

    Nigerian And Vegan: Esosa’s Tips To Thriving on A Plant-Based Diet

    My journey to veganism was neither dramatic nor profound. One day in my early teens, I just stopped eating meat. Even before then, we had discovered that I was lactose intolerant because milk frequently made me sick. So, dairy was already out of my diet except for the occasional ice cream cone with ...

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