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  • Womanhood Issue

    Editor’s Note: The Womanhood Issue, Radiant Issue No.12

    Nwanyi, ga choro driver! Woman, go and get a driver!Nwanyi, ke ihe ina anya?! Woman, what kind of driving is this?!Nwanyi, puo eba! Woman, get out of here!Woman this, Woman that, Woman, Woman, Woman …These insults and directives, always shouted of course (especially when my mo...

  • From B-Ball to Broadcast Booth: Rosalyn “Ros” Gold-Onwude For the Win

    [fl]H[/fl]ow do we, as women, build our own girl-boss recipe? Most of us would likely include a dash of sisterhood in the mix, because behind every great woman is usually another great woman or a female “hype crew” that’s served as an inspiration or paved the way. So maybe the ultimate sign ...

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  • Ros Gold-Onwude

    Behind the Scenes with Radiant Issue No 12 Cover Girl Ros Gold-Onwude

    [fl]C[/fl]an someone be both at the top of her game and a rising star at the same time? When it comes to this issue’s cover girl, we all say yes! With humble roots and the perseverance to keep going, Ros Gold-Onwude will charm you with her truly radiant personality. Watch the exclusive behind-th...

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