Sweet Nothing Day Five: Major Cravings & Moodiness


Published: April 28, 2014


Yes, I’ve made it this far (Read about my journey here and here).  Day 4 has been my toughest day when all I wanted was to simply eat something sweet.

Someone asked me, “Are you giving up all sugars?”  So, I feel it necessary to clarify the type or types of sugar I am not consuming.

I’m staying away from ALL “refined white sugar” and sticking to the natural sugars (ones from fruits).  See, refined sugars are the processed sugars, and frankly, bad news to the human body.  White sugar and even flour provide your body with quick energy; however, if not used, it gets stored as fat.  And the more of these sugars you eat, the more you crave, you just get sucked into the cycle.  So I’m breaking the cycle, in a sense trying to reset my taste buds, and lessen the craving I have for the oh-so-addicting sugar.  Like I said in my day one entry, natural sugars are my focus, but for the first 30 days, I have to be careful on the types of natural sugars, not all are created equal, thus, the low and high glycemic index. If you to begin this journey of a sugar detox, start with the obvious.  Avoid adding sugar to your drinks and meals, and curb obvious foods like sweets and soft drinks.

This adventure so far hasn’t been without its side effects.   The first noticeable side effect was my major cravings for something sweet.  I wake up in the morning wanting get my regular coffee with all the sugar and cream in it or to eat that oatmeal with sugar. I mean, what is so delicious about eating plain Quaker Oats with water, no sugar?  This is what I hope to find out during my journey.  For breakfast, I had Quaker Oats made with plain water; I sweetened mine with some strawberries but a banana will work as well.  One good thing I noticed so far was that drinking more water helped with my sugar cravings; whenever I feel a craving coming on, I drink water.

A sample lunch for me is roasted/baked (or even boiled) chicken, one or two big tomatoes sliced or any other vegetable you can get your hands on, as long as it’s fresh.  Avocados will also make a great side dish with the chicken. I recommend that you take the skin off the chicken before eating.  You are probably wondering how I can be satisfied with just a chicken and tomato dish, right? I asked myself the same questions, but mentally, I had to tell myself that this is a lifestyle change. What I do is, I drink a glass or 2 of water (preferably cold), then eat.  When I’m done eating, I drink another glass of water.  I noticed that helps me feel full longer.  Another tip: chew your food a little more slowly; enjoy the fruits of your labour or someone else’s for that matter.  In the name of hunger we have built this habit of just shoveling down our foods so quickly.

The other side effects that I’ve experienced so far are the mood swings.  Thankfully, I’m a morning person, so it’s not that noticeable in the mornings.  The challenge comes in the evenings, when I’m home from work and back to my mommy and wife duties. Oh, my mood sometimes get out on trial.  When I’m moody, my instincts are to grab something sweet for comfort, like the delicious sweets courtesy of the  “American Easter Bunny” in the form of grandma and grandpa, given to the grandkids for the Easter celebration – you know, another added way Americans love to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I can’t have any sweets so that even makes me more moody.  All I can do is close my eyes, count to ten, imagine eating the sweets in my head and then grab some water to drink.

By the way, with all this food talk, I forgot to mention that exercise is also very much a part of my routine.  When it comes to exercise, the key is to keep moving.  A sedentary lifestyle benefits no one.  I’ll get into more of my exercise routine later but let me say that exercising and going on a “no sugar” diet can be extra challenging, especially in the beginning and if you are a beginner.

I can’t say that the first five days have been fun, I would say more enlightening.  This challenge is helping me to be more aware, or even better, more in tune with the foods I put in my mouth.  So every time I feel the urge to eat sweets, and every time I find myself drawn to the cupboards to reach for sugar, I focus on the long term benefits. I’m encouraged.  God is ultimately in control of my life; however, I can do my part to increase my chances of a long and “healthy” life, for me and my family.


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