Sweet Nothing Day 9: One Happy Side Effect!


Published: May 5, 2014


This journey is getting better – I think I’ve passed the hump of intense sugar cravings.  I can say this because I baked some delicious biscuits for the twins and didn’t want any for myself. I was proud.  When I started this journey, like many others, I wanted to find out what’s in it for me, by that I mean, what are the benefits to this “torture”?  So far, I can vouch for one.

I’d say about day 4 of my “Sweet Nothing” journey, I noticed that I slept better, and I couldn’t be happier.  During my second trimester of pregnancy, I had a very tough time falling asleep, and worse, staying asleep.  Well, that was kind of expected, I mean I had two human beings in my belly all pressed up against me.  After the twins were born, I never did recover a healthy sleep pattern.  Sadly, I learned to cope with such a dysfunctional pattern of sleep which I can tell you is not healthy at all.

So, I got curious … what’s the reason for my new found ability to sleep though the night?  My research showed that the reason sugar consumption inhibits sleep is because it raises your blood sugar.  Sugar likely makes you fall asleep; however, you wake up later unable to fall back asleep because your blood sugar levels drop too low. Wow, frankly, never really made the correlation between sugar and sleep or in my case lack of it.

I’m looking forward to experiencing more benefits. I’m motivated!



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Edidiong DeeDee Glodowski is a member of the military in the U.S Air Force who combines her love of fitness with her passion for helping others develop healthy lifestyles. She hopes to motivate many by sharing her real-life fitness struggles while maintaining the active demands of military life, being a wife and mother of twins.

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