Weekend Challenge: Wall Squats


Published: December 18, 2014


Build Lower Body Endurance!

Want to boost your lower body fitness level? Wall squats will improve your endurance, combating fatigue.

Step 1:

Stand so that your back is against the wall, feet placed about 1-2 feet from the wall.

Wall Squat 1


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Step 2 

Next, bend the knees as you move into a squat until your knees are at a 90 degree angle – your back should stay pressed against the wall at all times.

Wall Squat 2

Hold this position for 15 seconds and then come back up to start.  Rest for 30 seconds and then repeat one more time through.


Want to extend the challenge?

Perform this move for two sets of 20 second holds on Tuesday and two sets of 30 second holds on Thursday.

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Illustrations by Odunze Oguguo (WhytManga)

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