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Published: October 31, 2021

Know Your Lemons

Know Your Lemons is arguably the most effective visual health awareness campaigns of all time. Each lemon represents a breast affected by cancer – and clearly demonstrates that there are visual clues in addition to the lumps that women may or may not feel during self-exams.

Self Breast Exam

1| Cleveland Clinic’s written guide to breast self-exam

2| How to do a breast self-exam [VIDEO]

Breast Cancer Organizations

“Among African-American women who develop breast cancer, there is an estimated 20 to 40 percent chance of the breast cancer being triple-negative. “
Source: Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation


1| Know Your Girls: A campaign specifically for Black women breast cancer

2| Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

3| National Consortium of Breast Centers: This page offers a comprehensive list of national breast cancer resources ranging from young women breast cancer to men’s breast cancer and financial assistance.

4| Living Beyond Breast Cancer

5| Breast Cancer Assistance Program

Radiant Health Breast Cancer Stories/Features


1| Breast Cancer Survivor VeRitta Smith on Self Care And Finding Purpose in the Midst of the Storm

2| Jelilat’s Story: Surviving Triple Negative Breast Cancer

3| Breast Cancer Survivor Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu: Reducing Stigma, Lifting Spirits

4| Radiant Health Woman of Action: Ify Nwabukwu, Founder of African Women’s Cancer Awareness Association

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