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  • How Many Nigerians Are Living with HIV?

    RH Weekly News Roundup – 27 January 2017Marches for Women’s Rights and Equality[fl]J[/fl]ust in case you slept through the last week, the new American President, Donald Trump, was inaugurated into office. The following day, millions of women took to the streets to protest his positions o...

  • HIV/AIDS In Nigeria: Where Are We In 2015?

    In honor of World AIDS Day 2015, we’re taking a moment to discuss where we are as a country in tackling the HIV/AIDS epidemic, how we’ve improved in our approach and the ways in which we can do better.[fl]T[/fl]his September, the 70th UN General Assembly set 2030 as the target for the global...

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  • Nigeria: Lessons That Ebola Can Teach HIV

    AIDS is not a strange word to many Nigerians. Many know that it means more than "to help." Many know it is an abbreviation for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; many know that it is a disease that is caused by HIV; many know the ways of preventing it. Yet, the virus for which Nigeria received “...

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