• 10 Easy and Timely Ways to Sneak Fitness into the Holidays

    Time-tested ways to have fun but stay fitter through the festive season.

  • 5 Newbie Fitness Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

    Pitfalls to avoid so your workouts are as fun, safe, and productive as possible!

  • Strength Training- Why It Is Important For Fitness And Weight Loss

    Build lean muscle mass without adding bulk!

  • Fitness Expert Dreyah Aikhoje Develops Fitness App to Improve Women’s Health in Nigeria

    Inspiring Nigerian women to take charge of their health!


  • The “Jump To It” Weekend Challenge

    Fifteen minutes is all you need to complete this great fat-burning, leg-toning, arm strengthening workout. You’ll need a skipping rope and ...

  • Weekend Challenge: Push-Up Planks

    Do you want to firm up your arms, tone your tummy and strengthen your legs all from the comfort of ...

  • How To Handle Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

    If you exercise, at some point you are going to suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness, DOMS for short...

  • Walk The Weight Off

    Understand that we all have to start somewhere and know that, fitness level aside, walking is good for you. Research has ...

  • The 3-Minute Waist Trimmer

    Who doesn’t want a tighter, slimmer waist? This short but sweet waist trimming workout will tighten up your midsection in ...


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