Weekend Challenge: Stationary Pulse Lunges


Published: December 5, 2014

Banish Thigh Jiggle!

Looking to firm your thighs? The stationary pulse lunge is the perfect solution.

Step 1:

Stand upright and then take one step forward with one leg.

Stationary Pulse Lunges - 1

Step 2:

Slowly bend down so that you’re in a lunge position.

Stationary Pulse Lunges - 2

Step 3:

Once the knee is almost touching the floor, rise up halfway to standing.

Stationary Pulse Lunges - 3

Step 4:

Pause briefly and then lower back down into the full lunge again. Pause and then rise back up to the start.

Stationary Pulse Lunges - 4

Perform 6 reps of this on one leg and then switch legs and repeat.

Stationary Pulse Lunges

Looking to extend the challenge?

Perform 8 reps per leg on Monday, 10 reps on Wednesday, and 12 reps on Friday.

Illustrations by Odunze Oguguo (WhytManga)

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