Radiant Health Woman of Action: Stella Damasus


Published: December 9, 2014

Fans of Nollywood know that Stella Damasus has been acting for years. But Damasus’ off-screen role as the founder of an arts non-profit may be slightly less known. The performer launched the Stella Damasus Arts Foundation in 2010 to help mentor Nigeria’s youth. SDAF offers programs in acting and singing, and Damasus says it helps participants build a foundation.

“We use the arts to create awareness about social issues such as poverty, discrimination, and diseases,” Damasus says.

One of SDAF’s main offerings is a training program that unites eager students with professionals who study with professionals that train them in the elements of performance. But Damasus’ interests don’t stop at the stage.  She also began an initiative called ADIVA that focuses on empowering women and girls recently joining forces with  Globally Igniting Africa (GIA).


“GIA focuses on eradicating poverty, providing facilities for less-privileged and those in rural areas, and providing educational supplies for students who can’t ordinarily afford them,” Damasus says, all issues she’s passionate about. She thought them ideal partners in ADIVA, and together, they strive to provide for and empower, African women and girls in need.

In the new year, Damasus anticipates that GIA will expand to more African countries, and they’re beginning to look at how to assist Africans living in America. “We want to make sure people have their basic personal and educational needs met,” she says.

To those considering the launch of their own organization, Damasus says to look to your passions first, and the rest will follow. “Don’t wait on other people,” she says. “When others see the impact you have been able to make, they will hopefully want to be a part of your work.”

Learn more at:  www.stelladamasus.com

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