Weekend Challenge: Superman With A Twist


Published: November 13, 2014

superman with a twist

Get A Gorgeous Back!

The superman with a twist move is excellent for strengthening your back and getting rid of that under bra flab you may be dealing with.

Step 1

Lay stomach down on the floor, arms bent and fingers by your ears with the legs extended.

Super Man With A Twist 1

Step 2

From here, lift straight up and as you do, twist to one side of the body.

Super Man With A Twist 2

Step 3a

Once you’re up as high as you can go, pause.

Super Man With A Twist 3

Step 3b

Then lower down.

Super Man With A Twist 4

Next rep, twist to the opposite side.  Keep doing until you’ve done 16 reps total, 8 per side.


Want to extend the challenge?

Aim for 18 reps on Tuesday and 20 reps total on Thursday.

Illustrations by Odunze Oguguo (WhytManga)

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