What Crazy Can Do


Published: July 31, 2019

The fight for equal rights is always difficult, no matter which right you’re fighting for. It always seems like the finish line moves with the horizon, always so far away that you question whether it’s even worth it.

Sometimes it helps to take a step back and look at how far we’ve come so you can be re-inspired to push harder. That’s just what Nike has done with their “Dream Crazier” ad featuring Serena Williams.

As images of women’s sporting triumphs and heartaches fill the screen for 90 seconds, we’re reminded that there was a time when women weren’t allowed to run marathons or play against the boys in male-dominated sports. It was considered crazy. Now not only are we past that point, we’re nailing it, winning it, pushing ever closer to the horizon. That’s what crazy can do.

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