Weekend Challenge: Side Plank Dips


Published: November 20, 2014


Banish Love Handles Quickly!

The challenge this week is with side plank dips. If you want to combat love handles, this is the move for you.

Step 1

Get into a side plank position, balancing the body, facing one side of the room on the feet and forearm. Free arm should be placed just alongside the body.

side plank 1

Step 2

From here, lower the hips as you ‘dip’ down slightly and then bring them back up to form the straight line again.  

side plank 2

Do this for 10 reps before switching sides and repeating.


Want to continue the challenge?

Perform this for 2 sets of 10 reps on Tuesday and 3 sets of 8 reps on Thursday.

Illustrations by Odunze Oguguo (WhytManga)

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