• Cancer survivor VeRitta Smith on self-care, and finding purpose in the midst of the storm

    Spreading her gospel of self-care and purpose-driven living.

  • Flying Over 50: How Pole Dancing Helped 58-year Old Makeda Smith Reclaim Her Life

    At what point is it too late to hit the reset button in life?

  • New Year, New(-ly Integrated) You

    But why are you in a rush to dump Old-You?

  • Editor’s Note: The Womanhood Issue, Radiant Issue No.12

    From the Editor’s desk: the Womanhood Issue is finally here!

Health + Wellness

  • Introducing Our New Digital Editor

    Hello, from Los Angeles, California! My name is Chinyere Cindy Amobi and I am honored and excited to announce my ...

  • Should You Exercise in Polluted Cities?

    The connection between a sedentary lifestyle and poor cardiovascular health is well-established and is easy to grasp. Perhaps less known is that pollution can also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease...

  • Bring Back Butter: Study Reveals It’s Not the Bad Guy After All

    Since a diet high in saturated fat can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, many of us have made the switch to margarine, low-fat yogurt and ...

  • Get Talking! It’s Good for You

    Social connections play an important role in our physical health and overall well-being. A recent study examined different types of social conversation and their impact on our happiness....

  • It’s Time to Take a Break

    How often do you work through your lunch hour, nibbling something at your desk? Do you frequently put in overtime to try to get ahead in the company – or just financially?...


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