• Are Women ‘Hormonal?’ Yes, And So Is Everyone Else!

    What happens when one or more of our hormones gets out of whack?

  • For Us, By Us: BLK + GRN Puts Natural Care Products for Black Women on the Map

    Investing in ourselves—literally!

  • A Therapist’s Case for Rethinking the Self-Care Culture

    Without a foundation of deep and intimate self-awareness, self-care becomes a Band-Aid.

  • What Older Black Women Can Teach Us About Coping with Mental Health Struggles

    Sage advice from women who’ve been there!

Health + Wellness

  • Think Cold Brew Coffee Is Good for Your Gut?

    A recent study shows that the pH levels of hot and cold brew coffee are similar. In other words, probably no gastrointestinal advantage to drinking a cold over a hot brew...

  • Bath Time: It’s Not Just for Kids

    German researchers may have identified a new tool to ease the symptoms of depression – hot baths. For this small study, 45 people diagnosed with depression were divided into two groups....

  • No Really, It’s Time to Hit the Gym

    We all want to be fit, but a recent study claims that not exercising is actually more harmful to your health than smoking. From 1991 to 2014, the Cleveland Clinic collected data from over 122,000 patients ...

  • That Health Pill May Not Be So Healthy

    A recent study of over-the-counter products sold between 2007 to 2016 found hundreds of supplements from over 100 companies that contained potentially harmful ingredients...

  • Hug Life: The Importance of Physical Touch

    Various studies have shown the importance of physical touch. It lowers stress, boosts immunity, and builds trust and a sense of safety. A recent study looked at the connection between hugs and their impact...


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