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  • working out

    What Working Out Does to Your Daily Schedule 

    RH Weekly News Roundup – 31 August 2018What Working Out Does to Your Daily Schedule [fl]A[/fl]fter analysing the daily routines of over 1000 subjects, it appears that many people make tradeoffs with their time after working out that compromises the benefits of their workouts. This study, ...

  • Woman Doctor

    You’re More Likely to Live When Treated by a Woman Doctor 

    Radiant Health Weekly Website News – 3 August 2018You’re More Likely to Live When Treated by a Woman Doctor [fl]T[/fl]While this goes for both men and women, the numbers are more significant for women patients treated by women doctors in the ER – specifically for heart attacks. Accord...

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  • Exercise in polluted cities

    Should You Exercise in Polluted Cities?

    Radiant Health Weekly Website News – 27 July 2018Should You Exercise in Polluted Cities?[fl]T[/fl]he connection between a sedentary lifestyle and poor cardiovascular health is well-established and is easy to grasp. Perhaps less known is that pollution can also increase the risk of cardiova...

  • Bring Back Butter

    Bring Back Butter: Study Reveals It’s Not the Bad Guy After All

    Radiant Health Weekly Website News – 20 July 2018Bring Back Butter! [fl]S[/fl]ince a diet high in saturated fat can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, many of us have made the switch to margarine, low-fat yogurt and other substitutes for full-fat dairy products. However, resul...

  • Get Talking

    Get Talking! It’s Good for You

    RH Weekly News Roundup – 13 July 2018Get Talking! It’s Good for You[fl]S[/fl]ocial connections play an important role in our physical health and overall well-being. A recent study examined different types of social conversation and their impact on our happiness. For this study, partic...

  • Take a Break

    It’s Time to Take a Break

    RH Weekly News Roundup – 6 July 2018It’s Time to Take a Break[fl]H[/fl]ow often do you work through your lunch hour, nibbling something at your desk? Do you frequently put in overtime to try to get ahead in the company – or just financially? You could be putting your body at risk if yo...

  • brain orgasm

    Brain Orgasms? Yes Please!

    RH Weekly News Roundup – 29 June 2018Brain Orgasms? Yes Please![fl]T[/fl] he phenomenon known as ASMR is getting some scientific attention. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a warm, tingling sensation that some people report in response to specific visual or auditory stimuli...

  • 16-8 diet

    Sorry (Not Sorry), the Kitchen’s Closed: The 16-8 Diet

    RH Weekly News Roundup – 22 June 2018Sorry (Not Sorry), the Kitchen's Closed[fl]A[/fl] popular new diet has been making the rounds on talk shows and women’s magazines - the 16/8 diet. For this programme, adherents eat all of their meals in an eight-hour window each day and then fast...

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