DAY 17

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” ― Hippocrates


How are your abs feeling after yesterday’s workout? There’s a saying that abs (you know, six-packs) are made in the kitchen. If you don’t work on improving your diet, all the strong abs you’re building may never see the light of day. So if you want a flatter tummy, be sure to stick to a healthy meal plan, like the one we’ve provided you.

Today (yep, you guessed it), we’re continuing with our food focus. You’re about to find out just how delicious vegetables can be. 

Grab your lemon/lime water and let’s jump right in to today’s challenge.


Day 17 Wellness Action: Drink a Green Smoothie


If you are not a big fan of vegetables, today’s challenge is just for you as you will find that green smoothies not only allow you to get your vegetable needs in one sitting but they can be delicious too. They also offer a convenient meal option for busy schedules.

Vegetables are great for you and today’s task is to try them in a new way. As with fruits, eating different colored vegetables increase the likelihood that you are giving your body the variety of nutrients it needs for top performance.

Need a delicious green smoothie recipe? Click HERE. Be sure to explore our Radiant Readings for additional guidance on how to make the best of your green smoothies.


Today’s Radiant Read:


Day 17 Workout: Front, Back and Sides

When it comes to leg exercises, most people focus almost exclusively on the fronts of their thighs – the part you can see in the mirror. However, your legs are so much more than the quadriceps muscles, quads for short, located on the front of your thighs. There is also the hamstrings on the back, the adductors on the inside, the abductors on the outside and who could forget the glutes – otherwise known as your butt!

This is a three-dimensional leg workout designed to leave to lower body muscle untrained. Do three sets of each exercise before moving on to the next. Rest 30 to 60-seconds between sets and exercises.



Click here for full written exercise instructions. Once you have warmed up, follow the exercise demonstration in the video below to get started on today’s fitness challenge.


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