DAY 29

“In my 10 years of experience evaluating what creates long-term health-and-fitness success, the single most important factor is having a support system.” ― Wayne Andersen, MD, co-founder and medical director of Take Shape for Life

We are almost at the end! One more day to go after this … But before we get a little carried away, go on and grab your lemon/lime water. We still have work to do.


Day 29 Wellness Action: Make Fitness Social

There is some research that shows that making fitness a social event rather than a solitary affair can result in more success towards your goal. Hopefully we’ve demonstrated that with our social Facebook group. Your challenge for today is to find a local event (e.g. 5K walk/run) to sign up for. Advantages of making your fitness social include:

  • Meeting other like-minded individuals whom you can support and who can support you
  • Seeing and hearing the progress other people on the same journey as you have made
  • Finding out where you can get the resources that you need to help you continue

Your wellness action for today is to hit the internet and find out about social fitness-focused events that are coming up in your area in the next three months. Then sign up for one! Don’t over think it, just do it.

In Nigeria and don’t know where to start? We have you covered. Go to to find a fitness event (walking, yoga, running, Zumba, aerobics and more) in your city from Uyo to Lagos and beyond (Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe). Our North American folks can check on and

Can’t find an event in your area? Create one! It doesn’t have to be a big event with sponsors and such. It can be you and your closest friends in your living room working out to a Zumba DVD. Bottom line, sign up for a fitness event or plan a fitness social today. 


Day 29 Workout: Rest and Relaxation

Exercise is important but so too is rest and recuperation (R & R). R & R puts energy back into your body while exercise takes it out. However, it’s not a good idea to do nothing either as that can leave you feeling more tired and make getting back into exercise tomorrow harder than it needs to be.

For your R & R, do 10 to 15 minutes of light physical activity that isn’t really exercise; walk your dog (or your kids!), go for a swim, do some gardening or just have a stretch. If you prefer something more structured, do 10 to 15 minutes of yoga sun salutations to help stretch your main muscles and mobilize your joints.

Click here for full written yoga salutations instructions. Once you have warmed up, play today’s video for yoga with EJ.



Have a terrific day! See you over on our Facebook joint and let’s see what fitness events this group can get going. .


To your health,

Team Radiant



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