“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.” ― Slovakian Proverb


You might have gone to bed on a high note for completing day 1 challenge like a pro only to wake to muscle aches today. Don’t worry the soreness will get better as your body gets used to movement. Remember, some of you are just starting to wake up muscles that have been sleeping a long time. So hang tight and let’s dive into today’s challenge!

Day 2 Wellness Action: Drink More Water

Your body is made up of 50 – 75% water. Water plays a key role in your body’s processes, from being a key component of blood and plasma to helping move food through your digestive system and messages across your nervous system. Being even a little dehydrated can have a negative impact on your health that can show up as headaches and muscles spasms.

You should also know that adequate hydration is the secret to a radiant glowing skin so drink up! Read more about the benefits of water and five simple tips to drink more of it.

To figure out how much water to drink daily, registered dietitian and Radiant Health’s Nutrition Editor & Registered Dietitian, Cordialis Msora, says you should:

Take your weight in kilograms and multiply that number by 35. The answer you get is the amount of water in millilitres (ml) you should aim to drink on a daily basis. For example, if you weigh 65kg, you should aim to drink 2275ml (2.3 litres) every day.

This week, drink at least 2L each day. 

Need help keeping track of your daily water intake? Try these FREE apps!

Aqualert (Android)  Drink Water Reminder (iOS – iPhone & iPad)

So get started with your lemon or lime juice and warm water which by the way counts toward your total daily water intake) and let’s move on to the fitness challenge.

If you don’t have a lemon squeezer, you can just squeeze the lemon with your hands through a sieve to avoid getting the seeds into your drink. If you’d prefer to get a lemon squeezer check these out: Jumia | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Day 2 Workout: Legs, Legs, Legs

In case the description wasn’t obvious enough, today’s workout is all about working your legs. Your leg muscles are important for several reasons:

1. Exercising your legs burns more calories because your legs house some of the biggest muscles in your body.
2. Strong legs make everyday activities such as walking and climbing stairs easier.
3. Who doesn’t want great looking legs?!

Once you have warmed up (click here for warm up video), follow the exercise demonstration in the video below to get started on today’s fitness challenge.

Do three rounds of the 5-exercise circuit resting 10 to 30 seconds between exercises and 60 to 90 seconds between rounds. 

Do exercises 1-5 (Round 1) 

Rest 1-2 minutes

Repeat exercises 1-5 (Round 2)

Rest 1-2 minutes

Repeat exercises 1-5 (Round 3)

And you are DONE!

Can’t view video? Click here for full written exercise instruction.


Today’s Radiant Read: Water – Key to Good Health

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Have a terrific day!

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