“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

Are you still feeling the leg burn from yesterday? This too shall pass so hang in there.

Today we are going to turn on the heat for a full body movement. But first, grab your lemon/lime water and read your wellness action of the day. 

Day 3 Wellness Action: Schedule Your Next Physical

Many people put off going for their check-up out of fear or for lack of time and by the time an illness occurs it’s already far advanced or worse, too late to treat.

Annual health check ups are very useful in establishing your baseline medical history to which to compare future health status. They can also save your life because with a consistent annual check up, you are more likely to detect the early stage of an illness when interventions are most effective.

Click on your age group to find out recommended medical screenings for you:
Women Age 18 – 39  Women Age 40 – 64  Women over 65

Today’s Wellness Action is to take steps to make a check-up appointment with your doctor to get your recommended screenings. Remember prevention is better than cure. Take action today.

Day 3 Workout: Cardio

Cardio is all about your heart and lungs and interval training is a great way to burn fat in super-fast time. This workout is short and simple but don’t think that makes it easy!

1) Warm up: Click here for warm up video

2) Jump rope as fast as you can for 2 minutes (See video below)

3) Rest for 1 minute

4) Repeat three times to total nine minutes.


Can’t view video? Click here for full written exercise instruction.

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