DAY 23

“People who challenge themselves mentally fare better cognitively later in life, the earlier you start, the sooner the benefits manifest themselves.” ― Radiant Health Magazine

Today, we’re turning things up a notch. We are going mental! No, not that kind.

Grab your lemon/lime water and find out just what we mean. 


Day 23 Wellness Action: Play a Game

It was once believed that you were born with a finite amount of brain power and there was nothing you could do to expand on it. But new research has uncovered that your brain, like a muscle, will continue to grow when you continue to exercise it.

Exercising your brain involves giving your brain inputs that you normally won’t give it. So if you’re an engineer, reading medical journals is great brain exercise and if you’re a crossword puzzle maker, seeking out the hardest puzzles you can find will make you better at what you do.

Games like the aforementioned crossword puzzles can help you expand your vocabulary, and teach you how to think on your feet. So can chess, ludo, Monopoly, cards, Trivia and scrabble. The choices are endless. Just pick one and have fun with it.

Your task for today is to exercise your brain! Better yet, get your family and/or friends involved and make it a game night. Check out today’s Radiant Reading for more ways to take care of your brain. 


Today’s Radiant Read

Your Brain Needs Exercise Too


Day 23 Workout: Out and Back Run

Running is one of the best cardio exercises; it requires no specialist equipment, can be done almost anywhere and anytime and also burns lot and lots of calories. This workout has an extra twist because it also includes an element of competition.

Set your stop watch and run in any direction for six minutes. Don’t dawdle but don’t sprint either – you should feel like you are exercising at around 6 out of 10. Stop for a moment and then run back the way you came but try to cover the distance as fast as you can. Your task is to see how much faster you can do the return journey compared to the outward one.

Exercise Instructions

When you run, focus on keeping your upper body relaxed, only lightly clenching your hands, keeping your head up and your neck long, striding out with purpose but keeping your footfalls light and maintaining even breathing that is in time with your strides.

Note: if you don’t enjoy running, feel free to substitute powerwalking. 


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